The “Key Hip Muscle” Missed By Medical Practitioners That Keeps Millions Of Men And Women Struggling With Chronic Hip and Lower Back Pain

NEW DISCOVERY PROVES that anyone can decrease, or even eliminate hip and lower back pain IN JUST 7 DAYS… by unlocking their “Survival Hip Muscle.”

Saturday - July 20, 2024

Dear Exercise Enthusiast or Trainer,

When I first hung out my shingle as an exercise therapist and kinesiologist, I actually had a lot of trouble helping my clients with hip and lower back pain.


My clients would tell me things like:

  • “I get these intense, sharp, shooting pains in the small of my back when I make certain bending or twisting movements.”
  • “I feel a lot of pain in the area below my stomach and on both sides when I climb stairs, when I bend down to pick things up, and even when I walk.”
  • “When I move my leg out to the side or back from my body, it kills in my buttocks and lower back.”
  • “It just feels like my hip area and sometimes upper thighs really hurt a lot of the time.”
  • “I have a constant dull ache and pain in my hips and lower back.”

And I did the things that I was trained to do: recommended daily icing to reduce inflammation, prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines, standard exercises like hip extension, hip abduction, bridging, knee lifts, mini squats, etc.

But, none of it really worked.

I was forced to face the fact that…

I didn’t know how to help my clients
get rid of their hip and back pain

Almost none of my clients got better. Some got temporary relief, but very few of them experienced long-term reduction or elimination of their pain.

I was pretty discouraged and disappointed with these results.

So I decided that I would need to find another way... because I got into this work in the first place TO HELP PEOPLE, for real.

Here’s what I did:

  • I started studying and scrutinizing related medical research papers. In the end, I went through hundreds of these papers and studies.
  • I spoke with other trainers, therapists and kinesiologists to see if they had methods that worked to relieve hip and back pain in their clients.
  • Then I brought everything I learned back to my clients, and tested and experimented... until I finally got the results I was looking for.

The surprising truth about
hip and back pain


What I discovered surprised me.

In many cases, it wasn’t the lower back or the hips that were causing the pain my clients were feeling...

It was injury and weakness in a muscle that’s located in the same area as the hips and lower back, called the Gluteus Medius.

Since this muscle is located in the same area, it was now easy to see why my clients believed it was their hips or back that hurt, and didn’t realize that the answer lie in this muscle called the Gluteus Medius.

SO… I created a special set of exercises that specifically targeted the Gluteus Medius muscle.

And then I tested it with my clients...

FAST reduction and elimination of hip and lower back pain

Voila! The results were incredible. NIGHT AND DAY!


With this amazing discovery, my clients experienced FAST reduction and even elimination of hip and lower back pain… in DAYS not months (or never!).

I was beyond excited and my clients were even more excited!

  • Clients that had suffered chronic, intractable hip pain for years were telling me that they were throwing their grandkids up in the air, without a care! They were up and down stairs without pain or fear. They woke up feeling great, ready and excited for their day, instead of languishing under the dark cloud of pain they used to have following them around.
  • People with back pain that literally immobilized them, that kept them from going to work, and even kept them from getting out of bed… were up and about, walking, even running and exercising with NO PAIN!
  • Clients with milder cases were pain-free and fully back to normal in under 7 days!

It was incredible - I was hooked.

I knew that I had to take this special set of exercises beyond just the face-to-face, one-on-one clients I was seeing myself, and get it out to as many people as I could, because I had seen first-hand that IT REALLY WAS helping people eliminate their hip and back pain.

So, I packaged up these special exercises into a video program that I call Best Gluteus Medius Exercises.

I am so excited about this product.

This might sound cheesy, but… it brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment to help people overcome their injuries and get back to doing what they love.

I know that after using it for just a short period of time, you too will see how different this program is from anything else you’ve seen or tried.

Have you been waiting for a solution that will ACTUALLY WORK?
That REALLY WILL decrease and eliminate your hip or back pain?

This is what you can look forward to when you get my
Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program:


  • Within just 7 days, you should feel a SIGNIFICANT decrease in your hip and lower back pain
  • You’ll be able to pick up your kids (or grandkids) without worrying if your back will go out… without worrying that you’ll have sharp pains in your hips, legs or knees
  • Walking and/or running will become enjoyable and pain-free again
  • When you walk up or down stairs, get up from the couch, or get out of the car, you may find yourself doing some habitual things like groaning under your breath, or putting your hands on something to brace or lift yourself... but you’ll be SURPRISED and DELIGHTED to notice that the pain isn’t there anymore!
  • You’ll wake up rested and refreshed in the morning, and you’ll realize that your pain isn’t there. Then you’ll realize that you don’t have to worry about pain in your hips and back today... or tomorrow... or the next day!
  • Here’s approximately what you’ll experience in the first four days of using this program:
    • DAY 1: In the beginning, you might wonder if this program really works, but you’ll soon start noticing some relief in your hip, back and lower body.
    • DAY 2: It may be hard for you to describe it, but your pelvis and hips will feel a bit more stable, and this will make you feel like doing more of the exercises!
    • DAY 3: The program is starting to feel like part of your life now, and you’re seeing that just a few minutes a day is ACTUALLY decreasing your hip and lower back pain.
    • DAY 4: This is the day where most of my clients tell me that they wished they had found this program sooner!

Here’s what’s DIFFERENT about my Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program:

  • This is not just a bunch of exercises thrown together with the HOPE that they will relieve your pain. This is a CAREFULLY DESIGNED SYSTEM that has already helped many people decrease and eliminate their hip and lower back pain.
  • You’ll learn not only how to do the exercises correctly, but also ALL of the common mistakes people make doing these exercises. This is crucial because doing the exercises just right makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE in whether this will work for you or not.
  • I didn’t just make up this program. It is the result of YEARS OF SCHOLARLY MEDICAL RESEARCH and feedback from REAL-WORLD TESTS AND EXPERIMENTS WITH HUNDREDS OF CLIENTS.
  • This program has only the exercises you need to reduce and eliminate your pain… and nothing else.
  • All of your questions will be answered. I have diligently collected questions from each of my clients over the years, so you will have all the answers you need, and NEVER FEEL STUCK. And on the off-chance that I haven’t answered one of your questions, you can always email me personally at
  • I will show you what to do and how to do it if you want to progress further and increase your intensity and results.
  • You will know EXACTLY how many reps to do. You will know EXACTLY how many sets to do. You will know EXACTLY what intensity you should do each exercise with. You will know EXACTLY how your body should feel when you do each exercise correctly. Nothing will be left out – you will have no guesswork or confusion about what to do. Everything in this program is systematized and laid out perfectly and clearly for you.
  • And much more…

What is the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program?
What exactly do you get with it?

I want this program to be the last thing you have to do to fix your hip and back pain. So, my team and I have worked hard to make this program comprehensive (so you definitely eliminate your pain), fast and easy to learn (so you'll actually invest the time to learn it), and fast and easy to do (so you'll actually do it on a consistent basis, which is the only way to get the results you want!)

Below is a description of each component of the program and how it helps to MAKE SURE you get to your end goal >>> FAST REDUCTION AND ELIMINATION OF YOUR HIP AND BACK PAIN!

SELF-ASSESSMENT PACKAGE: Video, Manual And Fill-In Sheet To Help You Assess Your Current Condition

It’s very important, before you get started, to assess your current condition. This is the first thing Rick does every time he sees a new client with hip and/or back pain. We need to understand how much pain you’re experiencing now, how serious your injury is, and what range of motion you can currently handle. Having this information will prevent further injury, and help you get the best possible results, in the shortest amount of time.

In this component, you get a video and a brief manual that walk you through, step-by-step, how to do your own self-assessment. Based on this information, you’ll know exactly where to start in the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program.

You also get a convenient Fill-In Sheet that allows you to write each of your answers and assessments down as you watch the assessment video and read the manual.


The Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program contains a wealth of educational information on hip and back pain, but I want you to come up to speed FAST on what you need to know, so you can get started FAST, and start reducing your pain FAST! So, I’ve distilled the educational content down to the most important summary points you need to get going right now.

This Condition Summary will give you a brief overview. It explains exactly what causes hip and back pain, and what fixes it, and then it lays out the exact roadmap we’re going to follow in this program to get you back to pain-free hips and a pain-free back!

3-STAGE COMPREHENSIVE EXERCISE PROGRAM: Your personal training and coaching sessions with Rick Kaselj, MS

Best Gluteus Medius Exercises is a comprehensive program of gentle, yet highly-effective exercises designed to reduce and eliminate your hip and back pain, in as little as 7 days!

The program is broken out into 3 stages. The 3 stages progress from very easy (Stage 1) to more challenging (Stage 3). This 3-stage structure ensures that any person can complete this program and solve their hip and back pain for good, even those who have severe hip and back pain, and even those who have never exercised a day in their life! The 3 different stages also allow you to self-direct your progress so you get the fastest possible recovery.

For each of the 3 stages, you get 1 instructional video, 1 follow-along video and 1 manual, for a total of 6 videos and 3 manuals. Here’s what comes in each:

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS: The instructional video you get in each of the 3 stages is your virtual personal training session with Rick Kaselj, MS. In these instructional videos, Rick will:

  1. SLOWLY DEMONSTRATE, STEP-BY-STEP, exactly how to do each exercise perfectly, so you can definitely get it right
  2. Show you ALL the common mistakes people make doing these exercises, so you also know what NOT to do
  3. Give you EVERYTHING you need - exactly how many reps and sets you should do, time and intensity, what you should feel as you do the exercises so you know you’re doing them right, and more.

FOLLOW-ALONG VIDEOS: You also get 3 follow-along videos - 1 for each of the 3 stages. These videos are your very own personal coaching sessions with Rick. In them, you will do each of the exercises following right along with Rick’s exercise assistant, who does them on video with you, while Rick counts out time and reps, and coaches you along the way.

MANUALS: You get 3 manuals - one for each of the 3 stages in the program. In these handy PDF guides, you’ll have everything you need to use this program to reach your end-goal: pain-free hips and back. The guides include:

  1. All of the gentle, but highly-effective exercises, stretches and movements you’ll use in this program. Each is explained in detail, with precise step-by-step instructions.
  2. Start-position and end-position photos for every exercise
  3. Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  4. Tips and advice on everything else you need to know, like: number of reps, number of sets, how long each rep should take, exactly what you should feel as you do each stretch and exercise so you can be SURE you’re doing them correctly, and how to progress if the exercises become too easy.


As mentioned above, for each of the 3 stages in the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program, you get an instructional video, a follow-along video, and a comprehensive manual.

Once you get into the program and start learning the exercises, you may want a faster, more convenient way to access the exercises, rather than having to fast-forward through the videos, and leaf through the larger manuals every time. That’s exactly what this Exercise Quick Reference Guide is for!

Every exercise in the program is laid out in this brief guide so it’s quick and easy to find them, learn them and do them! For every exercise, there is a start and end photo, a quick summary of the exercise, and instructions on how to do it correctly.


Peter Drucker said: “What gets measured, gets improved.” In my more than 25 years of experience as a kinesiologist and injury expert, I’ve seen time and again that the people who measure their progress while they do my programs eliminate their pain much faster than those who don’t.

It’s very important to measure your progress as you do this program. It will keep you on track. It will keep you motivated... which will keep you doing the exercises... which will actually get you the results you want. You simply cannot get the results if you don’t do the exercises!

Just check off the exercises you did each day - it takes only a few seconds, but provides massive benefits!

How my Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program gives YOU all the control, makes your life simpler and easier, helps you learn the exercises faster, and saves you money.

I specifically chose to make this a VIDEO program so you would get these benefits:

  • You can watch the videos at your own pace. As far as I know, you cannot pause, rewind or fast-forward an in-person training or therapy session... but, with video you can! With video, you have all the control - you can go as slowly or quickly as you like and review any key points as many times as you like.
  • The videos work on any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPhone or iPad. You can download them onto any of your devices, or watch them on the Internet, and they will be available to you forever.
  • You can watch the videos on your schedule, when it’s convenient for you. No scheduled appointments to make, no time off from work - you can do it whenever YOU have time.
  • You can learn and do the exercises from the convenience of your own home, or wherever you choose. No driving or flying to appointments, sessions or courses at someone else’s location.
  • You save money. You won’t need expensive therapy appointments, training sessions, courses or seminars. These videos alone will decrease and eliminate your hip and lower back pain, and they're very affordable!
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Your Best Gluteus Medius Exercises Program:

Summarizing what you will get for $57 $29:


Video, Manual And Fill-In Sheet To Help You Assess Your Current Condition
(1 Video, 1 Manual PDF, 1 Fill-In Sheet PDF)

($57 value)


(1 Condition Summary PDF)

($27 value)


Your personal training and coaching sessions with Rick Kaselj, MS
(6 Videos, 3 Manuals PDF)

($137 value)


(3 Quick Reference Guides PDF)

($27 value)


(3 Progress Tracking Sheets PDF)

($27 value)

> > >  TOTAL VALUE OF ALL COMPONENTS (7 videos, 12 PDF files)






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Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises.
You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

Test drive my whole Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk. You are fully protected by my iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren’t completely thrilled and amazed with Best Gluteus Medius Exercises, you can simply contact me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no-hassles, no-questions-asked, 100% refund. Just send an email to, or call 1-888-291-2430 (toll free in the USA and Canada), or send SMS to 1-888-229-4992. In fact, if you’re not completely happy, then I insist that you ask for a refund.

After seeing so many people overcome their hip and lower back pain with this program, I am confident that you will be thrilled as well.

Helping you on your health and fitness journey,

Rick Kaselj, MS
Injury Specialist & Kinesiologist

If you don’t already know me, my name is Rick Kaselj. I’m an exercise and injuries expert and international presenter for effective exercises for injuries. I have written numerous articles that have appeared in newspapers and fitness magazines, have written leading exercise injury manuals, and have given over 315 presentations to more than 6,000 health and fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.


P.S. – There is NO RISK at all for you when you try Best Gluteus Medius Exercises. If you are not completely thrilled with how this program helps you decrease and eliminate your hip and lower back pain, let me know and I will refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Rick Kaselj has been trusted by the largest fitness & rehabilitation associations in North America (NSCA, ACE, CanFitPro, BCRPA, BCAK, CKA, NHPC).

P.P.S. – There’s only one catch to all this. You need to act now to get this program at this price. I’ve been told by several people that the price for this program is way too low, so it will be going up very soon.

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(Regular Retail Price = $57)
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Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises.
You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Q: I’ve heard before that I need to strengthen my Gluteus Medius muscle - is that true?

Strengthening your gluteus medius muscle is important, but not the only thing you need to do. You also need to focus on activation, endurance and strength of the muscle.  A strong muscle does not mean it is a muscle with good endurance. Good endurance is crucial for injury recovery and prevention.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to do this program?

While many of the exercises and movements in the program are performed using your body only, you’ll also need a few inexpensive items like the Stability Ball, Aerobic Stepper, Resistance Tubing with Handles, and Looped Resistance Bands. You can purchase these items at most sporting goods stores, or you can check our Exercises For Injuries Store.

Even if you do not have these equipment, you can still do the program and get great results using other alternatives that you can readily find at home. This will all be covered in the program so you know exactly what to get and how to use it.

Q: Your program is a 12-week program. Why does it take so long to work?

If you follow this program and do the exercises as I instruct, your back, hip and lower body should all feel better within 7 days. The reason I say this program should IDEALLY be followed for at least 12 weeks is because I know you want to overcome your hip and low back pain COMPLETELY. If you want to do that, I’ve found that it takes, on average, about 12 weeks. I don’t want to give you a temporary fix; I want to give you long-term relief. Long-term relief is what the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program offers.

Q: How long does it take to get my DVDs?

You don’t have to wait! You get access to everything in the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises Program immediately after you order. You can download everything onto your computer and get started right away. No waiting for anything in the mail.

Q: Do I have to watch all of the videos all in one sitting?

No, you can watch the videos whenever you like (even at 3 am), do parts and pieces whenever you have time, do everything at your own pace, and re-visit any aspects of the videos anytime.

Q: Can I burn the videos onto a DVD?

Yes, you can! You can download the videos to your computer and then burn them to a blank DVD. This allows you to watch the videos on a DVD player at home, on your laptop, or on a different computer that has a DVD drive.

Q: Can I watch it on my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely! The videos are M4V format that you can view on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Q: I was surfing around the Internet and found a bunch of Gluteus Medius exercises. Will these help?

You can definitely find exercises for the gluteus medius online. But you won’t find a complete program designed to target the gluteus medius muscle for the specific purpose of relieving and eliminating hip and back pain. You won’t find a whole program that has been carefully crafted, based on years of research and real-world testing, that includes ONLY the necessary exercises, with instructions on how to do them in just the right sequence, with the right number of reps and sets, so that you will reach your ultimate goal, which is to be pain-free in your hips and lower back. That’s exactly what Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program is all about.

Q: Is this program just more exercises that I have to do?

Yes, and no. Most fitness and health professionals take a shotgun approach to exercises for injuries. They keep giving you more and more exercises, hoping they will help. I don’t do that. My program only includes the exercises you need. I also recommend you do them in a specific sequence and I give you precise instructions on how many repetitions and sets you need to do. My program has been carefully designed, based on years of research and real-world testing, and it is a SYSTEM that has already worked for other people. There will be no guesswork or confusion on your part – everything is laid out and easy for you to follow. My best advice is for you to stop all of the other exercises you are doing, and focus only on the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises Program for at least the next 7 days.

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NOTE: The Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program is a set of 7 downloadable videos, and 12 PDF files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the videos, PDFs and e-books. The PDF files can be viewed on any Mac or PC. The video format is M4V which can be viewed on any Mac or PC. If you have any questions or need help, you can contact us at